Saturday, January 14, 2012

Empty on the Inside Feature

Beauty is skin deep, beautiful on the inside, beautiful inside and out…these are the phrases that eventually morphed into Empty on the Inside. Having nothing to do with feeling blue or lonely or sad, it’s all about leaving space inside a thoughtfully-designed, hand-painted, handcrafted card for a personal, heart-felt message. Annie's cards are “empty on the inside” and beautiful on the outside. She's left the space inside wide open for you to write your own thoughts and sentiments. You don’t need her or Hallmark or American Greetings to say it for you. The way you write is distinctive and the person receiving his or her card will appreciate the time you took to say that you miss them, love them, are thinking about them or want to wish them a happy birthday.
Empty on the Inside offers unique cards for just about any reason you can think of for sending someone a greeting card and each one is made by hand.

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